Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sensational (1976) Superhero Shirt! Neal Adams' Batman and Robin! DC Comics!

Here's another terrific tee, but with a twist! This one is from 1976, one I rocked as a superhero-obsessed 6th-grader! The folks at Sears used to offer a new batch of tees every year (who else recalls poring over each new catalog?), and for the sizzling summer of '76, they offered a colossal crop of DC Comics characters on these gorgeous garments, most illustrated by the "golden boy" of comics of the day, Neal Adams! Click below to enlarge images of the actual Neal-drawn Batman and Robin tee, and much more!

Above: Me, in 1976, rocking the Sears-offered BATMAN tee! Yes, that's
a then-ubiquitous Stretch Armstrong toy I'm receiving for Christmas!

Above: Having a bit of Photoshop fun with the "then and now" me! 

Above: Me in 2011, rocking the same titanic t-shirt! Still fits! "Must…not…exhale….!"

BONUS! Look below to see the original appearance of the above image, from the 1976 "Super DC Calendar!" Art by Neal Adams!

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