Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More Monkees Madness! Pics from the 60s! Solo in the 80s! Fun in the 90s! See AND Hear!

Back again with more super-rare clippings, pics, and oddball items (from the 60s to the 90s), all relating to the madcap Monkees! Click each below to enlarge!

Above: A 1967 out-take pic from the HEADQUARTERS LP cover photo session!

Above: A trade magazine ad for the famed MPC Monkeemobile model kit!

Above two images: The Monkees in 1966, in formal and fancy publicity pics!

Above: A fun 1980 Davy Jones article, from
the pages of a TIGER BEAT 15th
anniversary special!

Above: From Michael's now-defunct Pacific Arts multi-media firm, here
are two 1979/1980 bios and videographies, direct from the company!

Above three images: Direct from Claude's Music Works, here is a 1981
TORK TALK newsletter, keeping fans up-to-date on Peter's solo doings
at the time! I got this (and his 45 single mentioned above) in early
1983! Ah, those pre-internet days…

Above: Yep! The dreaded NEW MONKEES finally get a mention on
this blog! I wrote (as did many fans) a protest later to the producers of
this ill-fated venture, only to receive this letter from Steve Blauner (also
one of the participants of the original 60s MONKEES enterprise)!

Above: A nice review of the 1992 Michael Nesmith tour!
I caught his fabulous Atlanta show that year!

Above: A 1995 ad for Cornerstone's MONKEES trading card set!

BONUS! Click below to hear an awesome excerpt from the rare UK radio special, "40 Years of The Monkees!" Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, director James Frawley, and many others discuss the height of Monkeemania!

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