Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gil Kane! Rare 1970 SPIDER-MAN Original Comic Art! Doc Ock! Marvel Madness!

Back again with even more Marvel Comics rarities! Glance below to see some fantastic 1970 Gil Kane layouts, pencilled in preparation for the finished art to AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #89! Dig that awe-inspiring sense of action, movement, weight, and drama, as only Gil could bring it to this classic confrontation between Spidey and Dr. Octopus! Click images below to enlarge!

Above two images: Gil Kane's rough pencilled layouts for two interior pages from
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #89! Thanks to Ronn Sutton for his kind lending of this rare art! 

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Jim Keefe said...

Gil Kane layouts with John Romita finished inks was an AMAZING collaboration!