Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Batman and Robin? No! FATMAN AND BOBBIN! 1967 Parody Spoof Strip! DC Comics?!

Dig this rare "treasure" from the inner pages of a 1967 ADAM magazine! This was produced, of course, during the height of "Batmania," a craze resulting from the popularity of the ABC-TV series, when tons of Bat-happy merchandizers tried to grab a piece of the brass Bat-ring! That included magazine peddlers, event those churning out "stag mags!" Click below to enlarge this silly and fun Batman parody, one that also touches on other timely topics of the day, such as war, the battle of the sexes, and foreign relations…

Above: It's obvious the creators of the above strip were influenced
by the famous 50s MAD magazine parody, "Batboy and Rubin!"

Above: The carnal cover that housed the above Bat-feature!

BAT-BONUS! Click here to see yet another version of FATMAN!

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