Friday, October 10, 2014

BATMAN! More 70s "Comedy Cover Capers!" Batgirl! Catwoman! DC Comics!

Back again with another maniacal mid-70s "Comedy Cover Capers" feature! This time, we zero in on Batman's own peculiar past, with a quartet of covers that have been re-captioned by the book's then-editor (Bob Rozakis?)! Click below to enlarge these side-splitting re-purposed covers, direct from an oversized 1975 "Super Spectacular" comic!

When this feature appeared in the mid-70s "Super Spec" comics, I was
overjoyed, since, in those pre-comics shop days, this was one of the only
ways to see past, off-sale comic books! Oh, how I pined over these
covers, wondering if I'd ever obtain these Silver Age classics! They've
been in my collection now for decades.

BAT-BONUS! Click below to glom the original, untouched covers! 

Above: Fantastic cover art by Shelly Moldoff, Carmine Infantino, and Irv Novick!

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