Monday, October 6, 2014

Batman! 1973 Mirror Mystery! Carmine Infantino Art! DC Comics!

POW! Here's yet another well-remembered item from the swingin' 70s! I recall seeing this reflective "mirror" shadowbox in department stores (sold not in the toy section, but with the posters, notions, and record albums), and wanting one so much then, but never snagging until years later! But, didja know this nifty novelty came in at least three varieties? Right! Cast your orbs below to view some of the versions young Bat-fans could purchase in 1973! Click images below to enlarge!

Above: My own 1973 Batman "shadowbox," featuring colossal Carmine Infantino
art in the foreground, and nice Neal Adams artwork from BATMAN #255 for
the bombastic background!

Above: Another version of the above Bat-item, this time using a
page from a Silver Age 1964 issue of DETECTIVE COMICS (#334) as its
background! This tale had just been reprinted in one of DC's "Super Spectacular"
comics in 1973 (the very issue before the one sporting the background
from the previous image), surely bringing it to the manufacturer's

Above: What's this? The same awesome illustration, but this
time backed by another page from that same 1964 story!

Above: ZAP! Yet another version of this dynamic display! This one uses
most of the above comic pages in one bunched background graphic, plus a
Golden Age page also thrown into the mix, in the lower right corner!

BAT-BONUS! Click below to see the actual comic pages used for the above incredible item(s)!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to see other styles of the Batman mirrors offered then!

BONUS BONUS BONUS! Glare below to see even more mirrors in this sensational selection!

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Rick said...

Wow! Someone has finally posted a picture of this thing. I had the one with the werewolf background by Adams. I loved it and had it for years. It fell off the wall one day and that was that. Thanks for posting it. Didn't know there were different versions.