Monday, October 13, 2014

1975 Marvel ComiCon Poster! The Original John Buscema Art! Iron Man! Thor! Spidey!

Let's take yet another look at one of the most famous and sought-after posters of the beautiful Bronze Age of comics! Sure, I've covered this 1975 Marvel Con poster before, displaying the gorgeous John Buscema pencils (see them here) for this indelible image, but now we get to lovingly gaze upon the slick inked art! Just click below to enlarge this amazing illo, featuring all of Marvel's top-flight characters, as brought to us by big John Buscema and ever-joltin' Joe Sinnott!

Above, left: The original inked art for this powerful poster, by Buscema
and Sinnott, and, right, the finished colored artwork….Big thanks to
Asad Khan for sharing this amazing image!

BONUS! Click below to enlarge the actual 1975 poster!

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