Saturday, September 20, 2014

ZAP! The Joker Strikes! Fabulous "Batman 1966" Custom Action Figure Packaging! Cesar Romero!

You've seen my other custom packaging jobs for the "Batman 1966" Robin and Riddler Mego-style action figures from this line, but now glance below to be knocked out by the Joker's new home! Click images below to enlarge and enjoy!

Above: The original figure with its (very "blah") packaging...

Above: My own custom card, created from several stills of actor Cesar Romero
as the Joker, with added logos, backgrounds, and "splatter" to add a chaotic
60s "pop art" feel!

Above two images: The custom backer card seen with the clamshell!

Above: The Joker figure displayed on his new dynamic custom card! Much better!

As with the others from this line, I tried to continue the basic look of the
packaging, keeping the repeating dot pattern, logos, and overall fun
feel, to tie them all together...

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