Monday, September 29, 2014

The Return of--The 1973 DC Comics Sticker Sheet! Batman! Superman! Flash!

I've covered this famed mail-away item from 1973 before, but dig this recent eBay win! That's right! It's the entire DC Comics sticker sheet, complete and like-new (tho folded)! Not only is this a terrific display of the many DC superheroes, as they were immortalized in the blistering Bronze Age, but it also represents a spectacular showcase of the best artwork from Curt Swan, Neal Adams, and Gil Kane! It's also loaded with tons of personal memories, as it's one of the very first comics items I ever mailed away for! How I bugged my mom every day after school, inquiring as to its (torturously lengthy) arrival! Then, one day, she presented me with a sturdy mailing tube that held--you guessed it! Click below to enlarge images!

In 1973, when I received (after an unbearable six-to-eight week wait) the sticker
sheet, it seems so darned huge compared to my tiny 3rd-grade self! Heck, it
seems huge now!

The sheet came rolled in a sturdy mailing tube, and many of these images soon
found themselves on doors, walls, and even (in the case of that huge Batman
image) on my parents' truck! That large Green Lantern pose was affixed to
the back of my vinyl jacket! For a day, that is. These things didn't really
adhere well to vinyl...


Ross said...

Cool, I always wondered how big those actually were. I never saw one in person.

david_b said...

I had a few of the DC ones in those $1 bags, I bought a couple on closeout back in the early '80s, kept 'em in the baggies all minty.

Sold 'em both about a decade ago for $80 each. Yeah, should have held on to them. Oddly, I never saw the Marvel ones back in the day, but have picked up a few loose sets over the last 10yrs.

Just uber-awesome. I wasn't aware of this super-sheet. Lots of awesome poses I didn't know were done for stickers.

Again, gobsmacked here..

Mr. Doob said...

I have been trying to find the various poses on the web to recreate these for my walls. $2.50 in the 70s was hard to come by...

Conan1982 said...

The Marvel sticker sheets were printed at the Albert H. Vela Company at 406 West 31st Street back during that time period as well. My mother worked as a book keeper there and brought several sheets home to me making me briefly popular at the time in my 3rd grade class. I have been looking for these for many years since.