Thursday, September 11, 2014

1975 DAREDEVIL Cover Rough Design! Gil Kane! Marvel Comics Bronze Age!

As fans well know, gregarious Gil Kane produced a prodigious palette of pandemonium-producing cover designs for Marvel Comics in the 70s, and here is another of his amazing pencil roughs! This dandy design was doodled for the captivating cover of GIANT-SIZE DAREDEVIL #1, from 1975! The "Giant Size" line was a short-lived experiment with yet another different comics package (at a time when many formats were trotted out by both Marvel and DC Comics, including expanded page editions, oversized comics, all-reprint books, magazines, digests, etc…), but was phased out within a year of its debut…Click below to enlarge another Gil Kane masterpiece!

Above, left: Gil's pencilled rough for the finished cover (right) to
GIANT-SIZE DAREDEVIL #1, with inks by fearless Frank Giacoia

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