Monday, September 15, 2014

"1966 Batman!" Seen at the WIZARD WORLD Convention! Adam West! DC Comics!

Just back from the wacky WIZARD WORLD convention, in Richmond, Virginia! I rocked the "1966 Batman" rompers yet again, but this time with some incredible improvements! Click below to enlarge each awesome image!

Above: Me in the costume during an event earlier this year!
It's the "Rubie's" outfit, but with a custom cape and tights!
 I was also never very happy with the floppy mask,
and the "slip-over" boots, so…

Above: I purchased this officially-licensed and
inexpensive (but very nice) rubber mask from overseas!
But, how to address the gap between the neck and shoulders?!

Above: The mask arrives! Its dark blue colors need to be lightened up...

Above: Custom paint and neck-snaps were added to the cowl!

Above: After some applied paints to make the cowl match the cape
color better, here it is, with a modified "Rubie's" mask and yoke beneath it...

But another problem! The above approach really binds the neck,
giving an overall "light-bulb head" effect! Back to the drawing board...

Above: Time to employ my earlier-made custom
yoke/turtleneck, to meet the mask at the neckline…
Thanks to Charlotte Custom Couture for the
new yoke and cape!

Above: ZAP! Along with added custom boots, the new
cowl and neck yoke work like gangbusters! 

Above: Posing with a young Marvel (horrors!) fan! The gentleman
behind me is piping out the "Batman Theme!" Fear Not! No "Batusi
dance" was performed.

Above: I pose with a magnificent "'66 Catwoman," as an unidentified
Beatles (horrors!) fan photo-bombs the awesome event! The fiend!

Above: A crime-fighter's work is never done! Yet another Catwoman joins with
a passionate Poison Ivy to try to sell me---LASIK surgery?!? How did they know?

Above: Posing with a serious STAR WARS fan-family!

Above: The self-named "Crappy Justice League" was also ready
to leap into action! Either Wonder Woman needs a shave, or
I do need eye correction surgery!

Above: Across from the convention center! It's Spider-Man, posing for some
frantic photographers! At least, I hope that's what he was doing!

Above: Another colossal cosplayer and DR. WHO fan!

Above: I'm not sure who these two fine gentleman were
emulating, but their enthusiasm was inspiring! Note that
other hyper hero, the Tick, lurking in the background!

Above: BAM! Burt Ward ("Robin") and Adam West ("Batman") rock the
mikes during a power-packed panel for the multitude of
BATMAN fans in attendance!

Above: What's this? That's right! It's me (center), posing with Burt and
Adam for a once-in-a-lifetime fabulous photo! How much greatness
can ya get into one picture?!


david_b said...

A silo full of AWESOME.

Beautiful, flawless costume, once bugs were worked out.

Truely spectacular.

Between the pic with the Dynamic Duo and the Monkees before that..?

That's what dreams are made of.

Al Bigley said...


Thank you, sir!

Al Bigley