Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Making of the 1966 MARVEL SUPERHEROES Cartoons! Peek Behind the Scenes! Jack Kirby!

Dig this fantastic feature article from a rare 1966 issue of THE WORLD OF COMIC ART! We go behind the scenes, as awesome animators go to work creating the '66 MARVEL SUPERHEROES cartoon show! This colossal cartoon spotlighted five of the mighty Marvel characters, and used actual art from the comics themselves, making these some of the most faithful (and fun) TV adaptations of the source material ever! Any info on the making of these much-loved shows is hard to come by, so click below, and enjoy, Marvelites!

BONUS! Glance below to find out which MSH episode these hard-working artists were toiling over in this panic-producing pictorial!

Above: That's right! The CAPTAIN AMERICA episode "If This Be Treason" was
being created when this article was whipped up! The studio is hard at work
creating a cel from the first panel of page six of TALES OF SUSPENSE #70! The
art from that original 1965 comics story was by Jack Kirby and George Tuska!

BONUS BONUS! Click below to glimpse the result of their labors, as it appeared on the actual sensational '66 show!


Nick Caputo said...

Thanks for posting this rare look at the production of the MSH cartoons. Fascinating stuff!

Nick Caputo

Al Bigley said...



Al Bigley

david_b said...

Wow and WOW.. The birth of my life-long devotion to comics started with my Mom placing me in front of the tube to watch these cartoons, with my Captain Action doll, circa 1967.

Vividly remembered, I was sucked in without hope nor regret. MSH was were it started, all.

Captain America was always my favorite, bar none.

This vintage article was an incredible find, sir, my humble thanks.

david_b said...

And yes, hate to admit, true-believers but back in the 1960s..,

'Action figures were still DOLLS.., and we loved 'em.'

Thanks again, Mr. Bigley.

CheckMait said...

This is a great find! Which issue was this? I gather the magazine was quarterly.

CheckMait said...

Found it! "A MARVELous TV Season" / by Ron McGrath. p. 18-21 in The World of Comic Art, v. 1, no. 3 (Winter 1966/1967).

Again, amazing find. Thank your for finding and posting it!