Sunday, August 17, 2014

Smashing Sunday SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strips! To Snare a Jameson?! 1979 Marvel Mania!

Last time, we watched in terror, as the evil Kraven made plans to capture Spider-Man himself! But, how does joyless Jonah Jameson figure into all these menacing machinations? Now we see! With Kraven's skills, and Jameson's backing, Spidey may be in real danger this time! More mile-high Marvel magic, from Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr.! Click below to enlarge, Web-Walkers!

Above: Note how writer Stan Lee makes the reader somehow admire the
misguided Jameson, never quite making him a simple just-for-laughs caricature...

BONUS! Click below to see a fabulous 1978 image of Stan Lee, flanked by Jim Shooter, firmly planted in the mighty Marvel Bullpen, as they co-plot some SPIDER-MAN newspaper adventures!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I remember this stuff from the Des Moines Register when I was a kid! I was happy when they got out of the cult stuff and the disco stuff and showed some real supervillians, like Doc Doom, Doc Ock and Kraven!
Great site, Al. A nice place to stop by. Thanks.

Al Bigley said...

Thanks much!