Thursday, August 28, 2014

FANTASTIC FOUR! The Rare 1972 "Bonus Pages!" John Buscema Art! MarvelMania!

This has to be one of the oddest pieces of Marvel minutiae! Frantic FANTASTIC FOUR fans were certainly surprised to pick up FF #128 in 1972, only to encounter a stupendous center-spread bonus feature (in addition to the magnificent main story) within! Not only was this extra attraction an unusual add-on that brought new readers up to date on the cast of colorful characters in the mag, but it was also printed on glossy "cover stock" paper! This was at a time when only the comic covers got such high-quailty treatment! A wonderful and rarely-seen treat! You can now peek inside, and enjoy this little-known blast from the past! Just click images below to enlarge, True Believers!

Above: The first of the four pages to this
amazing insert! Art by big John Buscema!

If purchasing this back-issue from a dealer at a comics convention, make
sure the book has the insert still attached! Many denuded copies are out there
that don't include this special section, as over-excited collectors often
removed this bonus feature!

Above: Some great art, tho one wonders if this was prepared to
appear elsewhere, as high-gloss bonus sections like this were a real rarity!
Maybe a newspaper promo ad for the line? For a kid's magazine feature? SMASH
and DYNAMITE mags were then spotlighting Marvel and DC superheroes, so….

BONUS! Click below to see the captivating '72 cover that fronted the above bombastic bonus materials!

BONUS BONUS! Does that above "Hulk" image seem familiar? It should! It was used to announce the infamous "Marvel Value Stamp" series soon after this FF issue was published!

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david_b said...

One of the best inserts ever..

Imagine if EACH of the Marvel titles that month would have done the same thing, featuring the respective rogue galleries of the title..?




It would have been truly amazing. I may have to pick up another copy of this ish and frame those pages.

Great post, sir.