Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"William's Doll!" And Marvel Comics! Spider-Man 1980 Film Sighting!

Those rascally rapscallions from RIFFTRAX (the MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER guys) have done it again! I've already covered some of their oddball educational shorts that just happened to feature Bronze Age Marvel comic books (click here), but presented below is a nutty 1980 fractured flick that co-stars a big batch of fresh-off-the-rack funny books! "William's Doll" was a short educational movie all about gender roles, and the eagle-eyed fan can easily spot the comics images sprinkled throughout! Just click below to enlarge and see!

Above: Young William sits up in his bed, as he pleads his doll-loving case
with his Grandpa! Dig that Spidey pajama top, based on the cover of

Above: The nurturing youngster has finally gotten his Grandpa and Dad to cave
in to his interests, and he later shamelessly shares his world (including
his carefully cultivated comics collection) with his new plastic pal!

Above: William rests his new friend down, near his short-stack of silly books!
What titanic titles are in that pulse-pounding pile? Just see the image below!

Above: Now you know! We see a sensational slew of 1980 Marvel
comics, such as MARVEL TALES #s 116 and 127 (a resplendent reprint
SPIDER-MAN #206! Not a bad batch!

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