Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dr. Strange! 1979 Original Comic Art! John Romita Sr.! Bob Larkin! Marvel!

During the late 70s, painted comic art was a very rare treat to see, so fans were always delighted to encounter any new work by such oil-and-acrylic luminaries as Earl Norem, Jim Steranko, and Bob Larkin! Below we see Larkin's fabulous finished cover art for the 1979 DR. STRANGE reprint collection (from Fireside books), flanked by the cover design by the amazing John Romita, Sr.! John's art was not only used as a guide for the finished painting, but the inked image would also be utilized for print ads and such, where only crisp line art could be used! Click below to enlarge!

Above, left: The original cover design/ad art by Romita, and (right), the finished
fully-painted cover by Bob Larkin! I always loved Romita's version of Doc, since
the Mystical Mage appeared with Spider-Man in the 1972 ROCKOMIC LP (one of
my first exposures to Spidey), also drawn by John!

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