Monday, July 28, 2014

BATMAN 1966 Bonanza! See Batman With Beauties! Read the Reviews! Hear Yvonne Craig Speak!

ZOWIE! Let's swing back to Gotham City, with more rare 1966 BATMAN pics, documents, and sounds! Click below to enlarge images, old chum!

Above: A behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the
1966 BATMAN episode, "The Joker Goes to School…"

Above: Adam West ("Batman") gives advice to Burt
Ward ("Robin"), between takes on the set of BATMAN!

Above: A 1966 article about the sudden onslaught of
BATMAN toys, model kits, clothing, and novelties!

Above: A crime-fighter's work is never done! Batman (in the personable
person of Adam West) was even pressed into service for publicity-garnering
beauty contests! When did he sleep?

Above: HOLY NEGATIVITY! A not-so-nice review of the then-new BATMAN
show, from tenacious TIME magazine! Note that Bat-producer Bill Dozier was all set to
be the clairvoyant king of a prophesied oncoming superhero TV explosion! However, 

those four-colored floodgates wouldn't open for another ten years or so...

Above: A recent pic of the Dynamic Duo themselves, Adam West and Burt Ward!

Above: Adam West, as "Batman," strikes a Bat-pose (complete
with Bat-Bullhorn) for this 1966 publicity Bat-still!

Above: Pat Barto's costume design for Batgirl, portrayed
during BATMAN's third season by Yvonne Craig

BAT-BONUS! Click below to hear Yvonne Craig discuss her "Batgirl" role, dangerous stunts, the "Batgirl Cycle," and much more, as part of a 1989 radio Bat-special!

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