Friday, July 4, 2014

1975 Jack Kirby CAPTAIN AMERICA Cover Art! The Maniacal MadBomb! MarvelMania!

What comics fan doesn't know this cover image by heart? A fighting-mad (and impossibly posed) Captain America charges furiously at the prospective reader, while his partner, the Falcon, does his best to outrun the enraged hordes of madmen who've already laid waste to the small doomed village in the background! Bursting captions seal the already-done deal, as they yell about the danger and the action, and (oh, yeah) the fact that Jack Kirby is back! That's right! After a five-year absence from Marvel (the upstart comics firm he co-created in the 60s), "the King" was back, plying his peerless pencils to a number of exciting books, with CAP among them! Click below to see the rare pencils for the cover that announced Jack's late 1975 return to mighty Marvel!

Above, left: The pulse-pounding pencils for this historic cover image (thanks
to the Jack Kirby Museum), and (right) the finished published cover, with slick
inks by John Romita, Sr.! Note the ignored blurb suggestions on the pencil
art, and the many changes and embellishments between it and the
 final cover!

BONUS! So popular was the above iconic Cap pose, it was soon plastered over all kinds of mirthful merchandise! Click below to see some of the many other uses of this captivating Kirby art!

Above: Part of a series of four painted (more like air-brushed) Marvel posters
that also featured Spidey, Thor, and the Hulk, this is the 1977 Cap
poster image.

Above: That same poster served as inspiration for this piece, used
to sell the 2nd 1979 CAP TV movie to eager overseas audiences!

Above: A Corgi die-cast toy car!

Above: A colorful lunchbox, from Brazil!

Above: One of the many Mead Marvel school supplies, from 1976!

Above: Me, modestly modeling the madcap Marvel/Mead Cap iron-on!

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david_b said...

Ok OK, NOW I HAVE to hunt down that Brazilian Cap lunch box..!!!

It's gorgeous. SO glad they had Romita clean up Cap's face on the cover. I had kept that Mead iron-on minty for years, but finally sold it about a decade ago.

Great post, thanks so much.