Monday, June 16, 2014

The Monkees in 1968-69! HEAD! Gold Record Awards! Prize Winners! The Banana Splits?!?

Here we go again, dipping into my massive Monkees files for some more rare pics, clips, and clicks! Hit each below to enlarge and enjoy!

Above three images: As part of the famed SATURDAY EVENING POST 1966
pic session, here are the guys posed for some dramatic group shots!

Above: Davy graciously receives the gold disc award for the

Above three images: Speaking of awards, dig the super swag these lucky
lasses received from 16 MAGAZINE back in '68! Where are these valuable
props, wardrobes, and treasures today?!

Above: The Monkees in 1968, on location for their NBC-TV series!

Above: The band arrives for some amazing Australian concert
 dates in '68, taking time for pics and press conferences!

Above: The group on location in '68, filming the
oddball "war scenes" for their movie, HEAD!

Above: Are you kidding me? The Monkees are really the Banana Splits?
Say…have you ever seen the two bands in the same room together? Hmmm...


Shazamaholic said...

I kind of wish one of those Saturday Evening Post photos were used for the cover of HEADQUARTERS.

Rosanne Welch said...

Thanks for a treasure trove of fun photos and articles about The Monkees. I've added it to my research file for the book I'm writing for McFarland Publishing on the cultural influence of their television show ("Why The Monkees Matter: Teenagers, Television and American Pop Culture" -- ) for a Critical Studies in television curriculum. It helps prove my point that the show was groundbreaking television AND had a message to present which still resonates -- both points were lost over the years to ridiculous controversy over the music. Your article and others like that that have been coming out over the last year helps to se the record straight. Your collection adds to my proof that they were highly influential figures in the popular culture of the 1960s.

Dr. Rosanne Welch
Dept. Cinema and Television Arts
California State University, Fullerton

Al Bigley said...


Thanks for that!

I heard you on a recent ZILCH podcast, and am very intrigued about your research and new book!

All the best!


Rosanne Welch said...

Thanks Al! I'm excited to hear what my fellow Monkees fans think. I just finished proofing the galleys so the book might be out within the next 5 weeks.