Monday, June 9, 2014

Spectacular Superhero Shirt! Jack Kirby's 60s AVENGERS! Marvel!

Back again with another new (2013) tee that spotlights classic comic art! This time, some terrific 1964 Jack Kirby Marvel Comics art is front and center! Taken from the sensational splash page (first page of a comic book story) of AVENGERS #5, here is Captain America, Giant-Man, Iron Man, the Wasp, and Thor, all marching into history! But, wait. Something's been added. That's right, it's the ever-irascible Hulk, as seen in an 80s drawing (for one of the MARVEL HANDBOOK volumes) by jocular John Byrne! The shirt manufacturer probably asked for Greenskin's inclusion, since he's so prominently featured in the recent AVENGERS movies, but the effect is quite jarring to long-time comic art aficionados! Click below to enlarge!

BONUS! Click below to see the '64 source of the awe-inspiring art used on this titanic tee! 

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