Monday, June 30, 2014

Silly 60s SUPERMAN Senselessness! Clark Kent! Lois Lane! DC Comics!

Yes, I know these are comic books. Four-colored pamphlets filled with tales about flying people with x-ray eyes and super-strength, meant to provide nothing more than a few minutes of fun entertainment for children. But, sometimes these Silver Age stories stretched credibility so far, and took things into such absurd directions, it defies description and believability. Take the below jaw-dropping examples, from two classic SUPERMAN comic tales…Click each to enlarge!

Above: I've always wondered how meek Clark Kent explained his Superman-like
physique, but here's the secret to keeping it always under wraps: You create and
hide a fully realistic fake arm ahead of time, then stage an elaborate beach
scenario, in the slim chance that pesky Lois Lane decides to view you and
feel your muscles! And, how about that cheeky Lois going thru the personal
belongings of her fellow staff members?

Above: Once again, Lois believes she's discovered Clark's other identity, so
what does Clark do to return her to disbeliever status? That's right! The
super-sensitive superhero pens a pretty proposal note to Lois, in the hope
that, since Superman himself would never confess his love, she'd believe that 

the smitten Clark must not be the Man of Steel! It's one thing to use a robot 
double, or stage an elaborate hoax to fool her, but to use her admitted 
feelings as part of the scheme?! And, then there's the sexist idea that 
compassionate Clark would be in a super-pickle if Lois had accepted...! 

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