Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Sizzlin' '66 BATMAN Pics and Sounds! "Here Comes the Batmobile!"

Let's swing right into action, as we peek at more rare BATMAN 1966 artifacts and treasures! Click each image to enlarge, ol' chum!

Above four images: Torn from the sweat-stained pages of a 1966 SCIENCE & MECHANICS
issue, here is an insider's close-up view of the Batmobile!

Above: Frank Gorshin ("Riddler") goes wild, on
the set of the BATMAN pilot episode!

Above two images: I assume this was a report of an energetic East Coast personal
appearance by Adam West ("Batman") and Burt Ward ("Robin"), to hype
the summer '66 release of the BATMAN movie...

Above three images: Rare color set production art, by Leslie Thomas, for a
Catwoman death-trap, the lair of Zelda the Great, and the Batcave itself! A big 

thanks to Dave Swartz for providing scans of these artifacts! See Dave's work 
at his "Music, Matting, and Art" FaceBook page! Just click here!

Above: A cheeky internal Bat-memo, discussing actor Mickey Rooney
becoming the Penguin, and Skip Ward starring in the GREEN
HORNET show! Neither came to pass!

Above: Another 70s personal appearance by Burt Ward!
Thanks to Sam Maronie for this one!

Above: An early-80s appearance by Burt and Adam
on the syndicated JOHN DAVIDSON SHOW!

BAT-BONUS! Click below to hear another kid-friendly cut from the 1966 LP, "Batman Musical Stories!"

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