Thursday, June 19, 2014

More Neal Adams Comic Art Rarities! Unpublished Covers! Batman! Green Arrow! X-Men! DC!

Take a look below to glance at some more nifty Neal Adams tidbits, from the 60s and 70s! Click each to enlarge!

Above: Neal's unpublished pencil-and-ink sketch (left) that was to be the cover
of the famed BRAVE AND THE BOLD #85, from 1969! We see the published
cover on the right! Was it decided the fully-costumed (GA sports a then-
new set of dynamic duds designed by Neal) heroes needed to be

Above: Another unused (left) Neal-produced cover idea, this time for the front
of 1970's BATMAN #226! The published version appears on the right! Was the
Caped Crusader's original pose seen as too awkward?

Above: The Neal-pencilled wrap-around cover to the fan-made NEAL ADAMS
INDEX, from 1974! Not only do Green Lantern and Green Arrow appear, but so
do Batman, Black Canary, a Guardian of Oa, and the WARP characters...

Above: A cute "Green Lantern" gag illo from within the index...!

Above two images: An insightful period interview with Neal, again from the index! 

Above: Neal's original cover for 1969's X-MEN #56 (left), and the published
version (right)! What say you? Were the figures of the defeated X-Men
truly overpowering the logo's readability (even with said logo given a
thick black outline)?

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