Wednesday, June 4, 2014

MONKEES MONTHLY Madness! Rare 60s Pics and Articles! "Walking Down the Street!" Hear Micky in 1975!

Here we go again! Click below to enlarge these rib-tickling rare clippings from the UK publication, MONKEES MONTHLY! Read about all the dizzying doings of the band, their overseas press conference utterings, and much more!

Above: One of my favorite pics of the band, off-duty and taking a
casual stroll down busy Hollywood streets in 1967...

Above two images: From the UK MONKEES MONTHLY mag, part
of a transcript from the band's UK press conference in 1967...

Above two images: More interesting inside articles from MONKEES MONTHLY! 

Above two images: During the Monkees hey-heyday, Micky indulged in several
hobbies, with little regard to safety, including his own! Helmets?
Who needs helmets?!

Above: Davy and Micky, on the set of THE MONKEES in
1966, taking direction from James Frawley...

Above: Davy, taking a break (as much of one as possible, when shackled
to a huge chair) while on location for the "Too Many Girls" episode in 1966...

Above: Early stabs at creating the official Monkees logo, by designer

BONUS! Click below to hear a rare Lou Irwin radio interview with Micky, from 1975!


david_b said...

WHY, OH WHY do you always have the coolest Monkee stuff..???

We are all humbled, sir. LOVE those '67 pics.

I've always wondered whether someone has the video of the entire press conference. We saw a bit in the 'We're the Monkees' '90s documentary and I have a few bootlegs on DVD, but would love to see the entire press conference.

Al Bigley said...

Thank you!

More of that footage appears (in various places) around YouTube, but even THAT is incomplete..

I'd bet the entire press conference is out there, still..

Al Bigley

david_b said...

Would LOVE to see it.. The more RARER find would be the Japan concert film that was filmed on October 3-4 of their Far East '68 tour..:

"Ahhhh, the hunt..."

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Albert, my old boss was Nick LoBianco designed the original Monkees logo with the letters in the guitar, I knew Ed Justin too who worked for MGM. Do you have the actual tracing on the alternate logos? FYI Nick also did a ton of work for Charles Schultz and United Media. He was their artist for all the commercial Peanuts stuff that Sparky could not handle. I was lucky enough to work for Nick during the 1970's and early 80's. Still talk to him today and he always told me about the Monkees logo but probably threw out the inked version he did when cleaning out the studio. Nice stuff!!! Ron Lopez (