Saturday, June 28, 2014

Captain America and Thor! The "Lost" 1976 Mead School Supplies! Back to School!

I've previously covered the lovely line of Mead's 1976 Marvel-soaked school supplies here, but look at what I stumbled upon at a recent local comics convention! That's right! Meticulous Mead, in addition to their Marvel notebooks, binders, folders, and loose-leaf paper packages, also offered these dramatic drawing pads in 1976! Sporting the same covers as some of their other products, these art pads were a bit of a departure for the line (maybe Mead thought these could be useful in school art classes?), but are sure nice to see! Click below to enlarge!

Above: Altho the dealer lists these as being from 1975, the Mead
line was in stores for the 1976 back-to-school season! Check those
insane prices being asked for!

BONUS! Click below to blow up this rare in-store poster for the madcap Mead Marvel merch!

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