Friday, June 6, 2014

ANGEL AND THE APE! And the--Batman?! 1969 DC Comics Lunacy!

One of the many unusual treats from DC Comics in the swirling 60s was the short-lived comic mag, ANGEL AND THE APE! It was a delightful and loopy series drawn (mostly) by the amazing Bob Oksner, with gorgeous inks (mostly) by the wondrous Wally Wood (how can you not be sold yet?!)…Sometimes the book veered off into more familiar superhero-saturated waters, with parodies including DC's own cavorting characters, as well as those of the colorful competition (shades of NOT BRAND ECHH)! Click below to see some exotic examples of a counterfiet Caped Crusader cross-over, and much more!

Above two images: Inside a "madhouse," several confused patients make the
silly scene, all believing they're other personalities, such as Batman, Napoleon,
and--Stan Bragg?! Yep! DC is poking fun of competitor Marvel Comic's
own Stan Lee, with a character that seems to reference their own
Captain America and--Roy Thomas?!

Above: One of the premises of ANGEL AND THE APE was that Sam
Simeon (the "Ape" of the A&A team) worked as a freelance cartoonist!
This is a page of his cartooning and gag panels! I assume this was also
drawn, in Sam's "style," by Bob Oksner...

Above: An 1969 AA cover (by Oksner) that fronted
 much of the above mirth-filled material! 


Steven Thompson said...

That faceless Batman gag really freaked me out when i was 10!

Al Bigley said...


That gag freaks me out NOW!

Al Bigley