Wednesday, June 25, 2014

1970 BATMAN Original Cover Art! Curt Swan Sweetness! DC Comics!

Talk about a great one! Here is a fabulous 1970 BATMAN cover, drawn by Curt Swan! Curt was best known for his sensational SUPERMAN scribbling, but here he shows that he was no less stellar when depicting the Dynamic Duo! Simply amazing. Click below to enlarge!

Even tho the days of the famed "DC Giants" were rapidly fading when the above
issue was produced, DC would still sometimes surprise fans with special editions like
this, full of hard-to-find reprints of past comic tales! In the mid-70s, the format
would be revived a few more times, under the "Super Spectacular" line of
overstuffed comics! A big (glee) thanks to Robert Rivard for this one!

BAT-BONUS! A few years after the appearance of the above Bat-blockbuster, this Batman sticker (seen below) blazed onto the sizzling 70s scene, with artwork also by the colossal Curt Swan! I've always felt it was modeled on the above cover composition of the capering Caped Crusaders!

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david_b said...

Curt Swan..? Aside from Cardy and Infantino, I firmly believe he drew the dynamic duo the best in the Silver Age, especially in the Worlds Finest issues.

Great art, sir.