Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Monkees vs. Catwoman?! Davy Goes Home? The Return of MonkeeMania! Hear Peter in 2005!

Swing into action again, with more rare 60s Monkees clippings, pics, and behind-the-scenes rarities! Click each below to enlarge!

Above: That's Micky's future wife, Samantha Juste, in
that final pic. Sadly, she passed away in 2014..

Above: Michael and Davy cut up between scenes, on the set
of the "Prince and The Paupers" episode in 1966..

Above three pics: The Monkees enjoy generous handfuls of
actress Julie Newmar ("Catwoman" from ABC's BATMAN), on the

set of the 1967 episode, "Monkees Get Out More Dirt!"

Above: A 1968 cover to FAVE, sporting an unusual pic of the
Monkees filming a scene for the "Nice Place to Visit" episode...

Above: My original well-worn 1976 8-track copy of MONKEES GREATEST
HITS from Arista! You can tell it got tons of play, back in the day!

Above: Micky Dolenz wows the crowd during his Q&A session at the 1986
Monkees Convention in Philadelphia! Pic taken by me! That's con organizer
Maggie McManus to the left of the pic! If I have to tell you her other 

connections to Monkees fandom, you need to turn in your "Save the
Texas Prairie Chicken" button immediately! 

Above: Peter Tork and his band Shoe Suede Blues performing live
at the Double Door Inn, during a stop in Charlotte, North Carolina!

BONUS! Click below to hear a rare 2005 interview with Peter Tork! Peter was promoting the above live show, while in NC! Here he is on the PAM STONE SHOW!

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