Monday, May 5, 2014

SPIDEY SUPER STORIES! 1974 John Romita Sr. Original Cover Art! Medusa Strikes!

Say what ya want about Marvel's 70s SPIDEY SUPER STORIES comic. It not only had a healthy multi-year run, but it also taught tons of younger fans some hearty reading basics, all while fostering an appreciation of Spider-Man, and comics in general! But, the best thing about this enduring educational comic? The fantastic covers by Spidey's main artist, John Romita, Sr.! Dig this one, from 1974 (tho sporting a 1975 cover date), featuring the Webbed Wonder in action with the Inhuman ingenue, Medusa! The action! The composition! The drama! Romita at his finest! More a maniacal Marvelite could demand? Click below to enlarge, frantic one!

Above, left: The original cover art for SPIDEY SUPER STORIES #4, from
1974! Above, right: The printed version! Thanks to Victor Lim for this one!


Torsten Adair said...

Just curious...
Where did you find the original artwork for this issue?

Al Bigley said...


Never owned it. A fellow collector shared the file with me, years ago..

All the best!

Al Bigley