Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spectacular Superhero Shirt! ANOTHER 1966 Batman Trading Card Tee!

Back again with another terrific tee based on the awesome artwork of Norm Saunders, as seen within the 1966 BATMAN trading card set! Click below to take in this Silver Age-saturated sartorial spectacle! Click here to see the companion tee!

BONUS! Click below to stare at the actual '66 trading card art that was riotously re-purposed for the above shirt!


Dr. Mindbender said...

Cool! Is this a custom? If not where did you buy it??

Al Bigley said...

Just search eBay…

Al Bigley

david_b said...

ONE OF MY FAVORITE IMAGES from that line of cards..

I thought an eBay seller had some enlarged and matted at one point, will have to snoop around again.

Just so coolishly majestic.