Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sexist 60s Superman! Lois Lane--Clark Kent's "Mistake!" 1969 DC Comics Lunacy!

Sure. It was a different time. But, even with that little fact in mind, this 1969 LOIS LANE tale is so jaw-droppingly sexist, so completely odd, that it's hard to believe. Look below, as a harried and henpecked Superman decides to press the "re-do" button on his life, all in an attempt to get away from that pesky Lois! Along the way, Supes indulges in tons of selfish, sexist self-reflection! Well, at least we get to peer at art by the impeccable Kurt Schaffenberger! Click below to enlarge each page!

Above: That lovable Lois! Nothing like a kick in the rump to your fellow
reporter to spread the love! And, isn't it a bit foolish to hope that the normally
 brave Lois keeps her eyes shut long enough for Clark to enact his little
identity-preserving stunt?

Above: So, Clark sees his Daily Planet job (which he himself originally
sought out, as a way to keep abreast on any breaking disasters that only 
Superman could handle) and his relationship with Lois as a "mistake?" 
Do his 1969 pals wonder what happened to "modern" Clark while he's 
disappeared into the past? Clark lands a popular DJ job with no prior 
experience or references? Then he spends his time spying on 
Lois, using his x-ray vision?!

Above: In that tiny DJ booth, Clark has time to build and activate a "Clark Kent dummy?!"  

Above: Looks like Clark also records and presses "sound-effects records" in his
spare time, too! Of course, the trecherous Liza's only interest in Clark is as
marriage material (what other goals could a working woman have, right?), and,
yes, that involves tricking or blackmailing her intended hubby into a waltz down
the isle! Note how Clark wastes no time on sympathy for the gal, as his only concern
is congratulating himself over his fooling of Liza, and staying foot loose and fiancĂ©-free!

Above: So, having an inquisitive Lois in your life is a torture beyond compare?
One enough to send a frustrated Superman rushing back to the present day? But, don't
worry, all ends well. A compassionate Clark is relieved that he never got collared by
Liza in the past, since she's now "enormously fat!" Another close call avoided!
Whew! I guess "super-sensitivity" is not one of the Man of Steel's many vaunted 

super-powers! See ya next issue, kids!

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