Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sensational Superhero Shirt! 1966 BATMAN Topps Trading Cards Tee!

Take a gander at this fabulous new 2014 t-shirt, featuring 1966 BATMAN trading card graphics! The terrific painted art of Norm Saunders is plastered all over this wrap-around tee, direct from the famed '66 Topps card series! Another great one with classic graphics!

Above: That's me modeling this terrific tee! You can also ogle the original
1966 Topps cards that were freely festooned upon this colorful shirt!

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david_b said...

Those Topps cards were THE BEST EVER.

Lusciously and masterfully painted by Saunders who did the Mars Attacks series.

That 2nd card showcasing Robin was always among my favorites.