Monday, May 26, 2014

Green Arrow! His Many Weapons! 1975 DC Comics Special Feature!

Check out this 1975 special piece on the gregarious Green Arrow, and his many wonderful weapons! Before the disappointing downturn to the "grim and gritty" feel in today's comics, characters such as GA would often bend toward somewhat absurd concepts (such as carrying around a vast array of "trick arrows"), all in the name of fun! Click below to enlarge this informative info sheet that tells of just some of the most interesting arrows to every fill an emerald quiver!

Sure, such silly and "unrealistic" arrows and weapons could never work in real
life, but they added so much color and fun to these great tales, resulting in them
being vividly recalled, even decades later!


david_b said...

I always loved how DC couldn't afford to provide any new art on these special sections, just take stock figures and write up some dialog.

Cheesy, yet they were so cool as added extras.

Al Bigley said...

These WERE fun!

DC did sometimes use low-paid newcomers (of the day), such as Pat Broderick, to provide some new art for these features and contents pages here and there…

Al Bigley