Friday, May 9, 2014

1992 BATMAN One-Shot Special! Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson Strike Back!

Take a gander at this amazing little one-shot comic from 1992! At a time when the level of comics draftsmanship was hitting jaw-dropping new lows, the great artistic team of Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson was showing how it should be done, in this wonderful custom-made Batman tale! Created for Canadian audiences, in an attempt to promote reading and a love of literature, this somewhat lightweight tale involves Batman taking on his old foe, the Joker, in a wild and somewhat Silver Age-like story that was sure to please older readers! Click below to take in some of the fantastic artwork from this time-tested team!

Above: That's right! Not only does this colossal comic give us Curt and Murph, two
of the greatest Silver Age artists ever, but we also get a cover drawn by Carmine Infantino,
one of Batman's main artistic chiefs in the 60s!

Above: Dig that "Swananderson" art! Does it get any better than this? 

Above: Again, much of the tale comes off as a wild and wooly
Silver Age fun-fest, but what's wrong with that?

Above: The only sad part of this wonderful comic is having to see
that dreadfully-designed 90s Batmobile in action!

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Richard Bensam said...

I never had any idea this even existed! Many thanks for sharing it.