Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thor! Loki! Odin! Side by Side With--JIMMY OLSEN?! DC Comics!

Sure, the mirth-making mythological Norse gods have been part of song and story for centuries, and are fair game for any comics or pop culture purveyors, but most modern fiction fans know them best thru their long-time depictions in Marvel comic books, where Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Larry Lieber revived them as part of their early-60s successful superhero launch! Kirby's masterful artistry created very iconic "looks" for each awesome Asgardian, but this was nowhere near the first time these characters were seen in the pulpy pages of comic books! DC Comics (among many others) would often reach into the "myths and legends" file, to pit such past titans against their own superheroes, and even such super-sidekicks as Jimmy Olsen! Click below to enlarge these panels from a 1961 tale of ol' Jimmy meeting DC's versions of Thor, Odin, and Loki!

Above: In typical Jimmy fashion, he does not wait for the Man of Steel
to return! An impatient JO uses the tablet to transport himself
back in time, ignoring any risk or threat!

Above: A transported Jimmy soon comes into contact with a red-tressed
Thor and his hammer, as he was described in Norse legend!

Above: Olsen soon meets the major Asgardian pantheon, including Odin,
Frigga, and Loki! And, as usual, Jimmy gets into trouble, and calls upon
his new super-pal to rescue him!

Above: In just a few pages, all is set right, with the powerful Thor returning
Olsen to the present, due to a mighty throw (!?!) thru the time-barrier!
The usual stern lecture from Superman ends yet another
silly (but fun) Silver Age tale! Art by Curt Swan!

BONUS! Click below to glom the more familiar Marvel Comics versions of these time-tossed titans!

Above: Marvel's version of Thor and the gang, by Jack "King" Kirby!

Above: Marvel's big daddy Odin, once again by Kirby!

Above: The Marvel Loki, again by (who else?) Kirby!

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