Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Stan Lee Speaks! '79 PEOPLE Magazine Article and Pics! Hulk! Spidey!

Here's another one from my colossal clippings archive! Torn (by me) from the pages of a 1979 PEOPLE magazine, here is Stan Lee, Marvel Comics' own head honcho, throwing his wit and weight around for an insightful article, flanked by some very rare pics! Stan at home! At work in the famed mighty Marvel Bullpen! With his family! Sure, Stan is now a recognized figure today, from his writing and co-creator role at Marvel, as their figurehead and traveling "ambassador," and his many cameos in the recent Marvel movies, but, in '79 it was exciting to see any "mainstream" coverage of Marvel and its fearless leader! I was an avid Marvel fan then, at age 13, and hung on every word of this awe-inspiring article at the time! Click below to enlarge, True Believer!

Above: What is this dire predicament for Spidey as mentioned above?
It was a new plotline for the SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip, almost the only
comics writing Lee was doing at the time of this article...

Above: Spidey getting married? A storyline in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, just
months earlier, had Spidey proposing to long-time girlfriend Mary Jane Watson!
The Web-Walker got the cold shoulder from the rambunctious redhead, and
the two wouldn't tie the knot for another eight years!

BONUS! Ya dig that above photo of Stan and uber-artist John Romita, Sr. in the Marvel Bullpen? How about that collection of (then new) covers on the wall in the background? Click below to see how many you can identify!

Above: Why the slap-dash gallery of comic cover art? Several covers would be 
pinned to the Bullpen wall, in order to keep track of the various stages 
of production (pencilling, inking, coloring, etc…) for each new
comic, on their way to final printing! Sort of an ever-changing 

checklist! Click here to see an earlier shot from inside the "House 
of Ideas…!"

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