Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SPIDEY SUPER STORIES! The "Other" Giant-Man! 1980 Marvel Comics Madness!

Long-time readers of this little blog are familiar with the lengthy and confusing history of Ant-Man/Giant-Man/Goliath/YellowJacket (click here if you dare), but, just to add to the head-scratching, here is yet another version of the jolly Giant-Man character! Torn savagely from the Pop Tart-stained pages of a 1980 issue of SPIDEY SUPER STORIES, here is a different version of the "Bill Foster" Giant-Man, wearing the original 60s red-and-blue costume, instead of his then-new garb! The SPIDEY comic was aimed squarely at very young readers, and wasn't concerned with continuity or hardcore fan interest, but, really, how many "Giant-Men" do we need? Click to enlarge!

Above: Things kick right off in this introduction of the character, right 
inside the comic's front cover! The origin is spot-on, if very simplified, 
but what's with the old costume?!

Above: A portion of the interior tale, with this
oddball oversized superhero! Art by Win Mortimer!

Above: The boisterous back cover, once again
throwing a spotlight on the ginormous giant! 

Above: From a year earlier, here is the debut of the "70s Giant-Man," and
a look at his groovy togs! So, why the change later for that SPIDEY
issue?  FUN FACT: To add to the confusion, this version of GM actually
debuted a few years earlier as "Black Goliath," in yet another outfit,
and….Oh, never mind...

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