Thursday, April 24, 2014

More MONKEES Mania! Outdoor Romps! Rare Merchandise! Hear 1996 NPR Concert Coverage!

Time for another riotous romp with the maniacal Monkees! Click below for rare pics, audio treats, and much more!

Above: On location filming the pilot in 1965, Davy Jones
confers with MONKEES producer Bert Schneider!

Above: Excerpted from a 1972 book, KIDS ON TV, here is a two-page feature
that helped (along with Saturday morning reruns) introduce me to the band then!
I ordered the book in second grade (good ol' Scholastic book club) just for
the Monkees inclusion, and treasured theses two pages for years afterward!
See that first pic there? Click below to see four more rare images (including 

the cover to one of their biggest-selling singles) from that same 1966 
outdoor romp, out and around the Raybert soundstages!

Above: Rare images from the 1967 JCPenny catalog, featuring a Monkees-branded
line of "hip" clothing! The Monkees themselves hated the inauthentic Madison 

Avenue-made outfits! A pic of them in the "mod" clothing was even used on
the cover of their second LP (as seen in the lower right of the spread)!

Above two pics: The band out and about near the sound stages
again in 1966, making use of any props procured along the way!

Above: Another pic from the above session was used for
the cover of this 1967 MONKEES comic from Dell Comics!

Above: A look at the very handsome (and very rare) 1966 Monkees wallet from Mattel!

BONUS! Click below to hear a rare 1996 NPR report on the Monkees 30th reunion tour shows! The "hipper than thou" reporter is less than excited about his former "fave rave" band, but pay attention to the clever intro and exit music in the piece!

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