Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Big Boffo BATMAN Blast! 1966 Rarities, Pics, and Songs! "The RiddlerMobile?!?" DC Comics!

Here we go again, with another look at the bat-tastic 1966 BATMAN ABC-TV show! Click below for more oddities, pics, and goodies!

Above: A thirsty Adam West ("Batman") between
scenes, taking direction on the outdoor lot in 1966!

Above: Adam West meets yet another excited set visitor! Note his appropriation
of the chair reserved for co-star Alan Napier ("Alfred")!

Above: A terrific 1967 article announces the addition of "Batgirl" to the series, in the
pretty person of actress Yvonne Craig! Note the initial idea to romantically link the character
with Batman/Bruce Wayne, a notion never fully pursued on the show!

Above: A letter from car customizer George Barris, to the heads of the
BATMAN program (and DC Comics licensing), nudging them in the direction
of adding more kooky Bat-vehicles to the show! Sure, a kind of "Jokermobile" and 

"Catmobile" appeared in the series, but never were pushed beyond a few appearances.
Of course, dollar signs were the motivation for all concerned, but it woulda been
interesting to see each Bat-foe piloting their own personalized vehicles!

Above: Batmania turns up in the oddest places! Dig this early 70s teen
fashion mag! The Batcycle appears in a photo spread spotlighting the latest
must-have threads! Well, it sure caught your eye, didn't it?

Above: On the BATMAN set with singer/actress Donna Loren, who
played "Susie" in two well-recalled Joker-centric episodes!

Above: A nifty 1985 piece on the daring doings of Burt Ward ("Robin")!
My mom clipped this from a local hometown North Carolina paper, sending
it to me in art school in--Sarasota, Florida! And, no, I never saw
Burt's touring show then!

BAT BONUS! Click below to hear a cute little ditty, LOOK OUT FOR THE BATMAN! This is one of the lead cuts on the very rare 1966 "Batman Musical Stories" Tifton LP!

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