Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Word on Watermarks.

OK. A few (very few) "fans" have written in, with angry e-mails about the inclusion of my handsome little "Big Glee" watermark, seen embossed on almost (but not all) images displayed here on my blog.

"Who do you think you are to claim ownership on these things?"

"You must have some ego!"

"You only steal images, then claim them as yours!"

Wrong. On all counts.

The images here are mostly from my collection (others shared by fully-credited fans or fellow collectors) of very rare items. Items I could just sit on and never share, but are seen here, for fans of a like-minded nature.

But, why the watermark? Simple. These images get shared (and, yes, sometimes stolen) out of context from this blog, and I want site visits, not credit. I want eyes back on my blog so that it will generate money. Money that pays for hosting the images. For having the site. For having video. For hosting audio. It all costs me.

It's also a way of saying, to those who find the images floating adrift online, "Say, if you like this, come see more that you might enjoy here." That's all.

Oh, and how many grand greenbacks do I rake in, using this oh-so-devious "watermarking/branding" scheme?

About fifteen cents a month. 

But, it helps to bring these things to you.

Oh. Add in my copious time finding, buying, scanning, color correcting, reformatting and "fixing," researching, writing,  posting…Yeah. That's in there, too.

So that's the whole, unglamorous, unexciting tale. Not very exciting, but here it is. It's just me trying to have a fun hobby, bringing rare treats to those who (I hope) will enjoy them!

Still angry over my little watermark?

I can only offer one suggestion.

Look elsewhere.


david_b said...

Great response sir. Behind you all the way.

Al Bigley said...

Thank you, sir!

Al Bigley