Wednesday, March 26, 2014

1977 SPIDER-MAN Game! John Romita Sr. Original Comic Art! Fantastic Four! Marvel!

How often do you see this? Here is an original color prelim for the 1977 Milton Bradley SPIDER-MAN game box! Whipped up by the sensational John Romita, Sr., here is not only the ever-amazing Spidey, but his Marvel colleagues, the Fantastic Four! Once again, Johnny's skills at composition, color and excitement come shining right thru! Thanks to Mike Burkey and his Romitaman site for this one! Click below to enlarge! 

BONUS! Click below to glare at the awesome insides of this game!

I had this game in '77, bought from the local Mann's drug store! I thought
it was so odd that the game board (above) featured not only art by modern
artists (of the day), but also classic images by Spidey co-creator, Steve Ditko!

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Anonymous said...

This season on Comic Book Men someone came in to sell their Spider-Man board game. It's funny how the graphics are just limited to the board and box cover.
The cards are just plan white cards no art and the pieces are just generic pieces that can go to Sorry, Life, Easy Money etc...board games.