Friday, February 14, 2014

The Teen Titans! Custom Mego Action Figures! Robin! Speedy! Kid Flash! Aqualad! DC Comics!

Here's another peek at my custom Mego figure work! This time, we center in on figures that reflect the super-rare TEEN TITANS line, the final superhero grouping Mego would offer in 1977, as they soon began leaning heavily on movie (THE BLACK HOLE) and TV (DUKES OF HAZZARD) properties. As you can see, I gave each figure a real twist, giving them their own custom packaging! In fact, most of these figures themselves are customizations! Robin uses a head cribbed from a Mego "astronaut" figure (from their PLANET OF THE APES line), but with his usual vest and shoes, with custom gloves, cape and bodysuit added, to give him his 70s "Teen Wonder" look! Aqualad and Speedy are 2005 fan re-issues, with Kid Flash being the only complete original 1977 figure! Click below to enlarge!

Above: The Titans line-up! To bring Speedy more "on-model" to his comics
appearance, his sleeves were trimmed, with long pants added! Mego originally
reversed that look! Aqualad's gloves and boots were also modified to match
his comics gear! 

BONUS! Look below to see the original unaltered 1977 TITANS figures!

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