Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Real-Life RED SONJA! 1977 Marvel Comics Mayhem! Early Cosplay!

Look what I found, floating down city streets this week, after a torrential downpour of rain and snow! These pulse-pounding (and precipitation-permeated) pages appear to have been torn crudely from a 1977 issue of SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN magazine, and give us a lecherous look at a manic mall-held convention that featured not one, but multiple versions of real-life Red Sonjas, proudly on display for a number of then-hot Marvel artists and luminaries! Sonja was then, of course, almost as popular as her Conan companion, due (in part) to the stellar work on her strip by artists like Frank Thorne and Rudy Nebres (seen below in pics)! Click below to re-live this slice of early convention (and cosplay) doings!

Wendy Pini would go on to become best-known as the co-creator
of the long-running ELFQUEST comics and graphic novels!

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