Sunday, February 16, 2014

Superb 70s SPIDER-MAN Sunday Strip! "This is Un-Real!" Marvel Comics Mayhem!

Last time, we were shocked to see peerless Peter Parker forced into battling his school chum, Flash Thomspon, for the love of Pete's new female flame! How can Pete conclusively clobber Flash, without hurting the macho mook, or revealing his Spider-powers to nearby gawkers? Plus--what can we expect of this new threat, the enraged lunatic? And, why has he altered his facial features? Who will be become? How will it affect Spidey? And--Should Peter lose more fights, if this is his reward? More 1979 Marvel majesty, from writer Stan Lee and artist John Romita Sr.! Click below to enlarge, then whisk over here for the next full-color installment, Web-Walkers!

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