Friday, February 7, 2014

Spider-Man and Hulk Save Energy! 1980 One-Shot Special Comic Book! Marvel!

Long-time comics collectors have seen these little premium comics for sale online and at conventions, but how many have looked inside? This special 1980 newspaper insert (for the CHICAGO TRIBUNE) was meant to advertise the Marvel brand to many non-comics fans who may have never picked up a "funny book" in their lives! The interior story is pretty tame fare, but dig these special ads and bonuses sprinkled throughout..Click below to enlarge each!

Above: Off to a fabulous start, with an amazing cover by John Romita, Sr.!

Above: Altho Mego's biggest days were a bit behind them, they were still pushing
variations on their popular 8-inch superhero line! The above "Web-Spinning
Spider-Man" was one of their oddest (and now rarest) figures offered!

Above: Ads like this not only helped defray Marvel's costs (of printing and
paying for the newspaper insertion), but also pushed Marvel as a valuable
and profitable brand to which advertisers were flocking!

Above: No flies on that Marvel Comics Group! With a (hopefully) captive 
audience, why not hit them with a subscription offer? Spidey is seen 
holding HULK #247, CAPTAIN AMERICA # 245, THOR #294, and 

Above: Wisely assuming this may be somebody's first exposure to these colorful
 characters, origin re-caps were included! Spidey's story seems to be culled from
the pages of 1971's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #94, and Hulk's appears to be torn
from 1980's SAVAGE SHE-HULK #1!
Above: Another bonus page! This time, Spidey, Spider-Woman, Captain
America, and Hulk tell you how to conserve energy, in those inflation-addled
days! And, the direct approach is taken, as Marvel asks for letters detailing
how successful this special item was to fans and newcomers! It also served
as a sneaky way to get valuable addresses and demographical information!

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