Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ron Wilson! Original 1976 Marvel Cover Art! The Thing! Spidey! Bronze Age Bounty!

Check this perfect little slice of Bronze Age awesomeness! Here is the 1976 cover to MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #17, spotlighting the Thing (from the FANTASTIC FOUR comic) and the ever-amazing Spider-Man! MTIO was an underrated companion book to MARVEL TEAM-UP, but was blessed with some long runs of quality, terrific guest stars, and stellar and steady art by Ron Wilson! Ron also pencilled the captivating cover art you see below, with an apt assist from Joe Sinnott! Just click below to enlarge and enjoy, True Believers!

I bought this ish in the summer of '76, and it sorta defines the Bronze Age
to me! Well-done, simple, but fun comics that did their job by giving you a
half-hour of silly superhero fun. What more is really needed?

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