Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Incredible (Gene) Colan! Rare Art Artifacts and Oddball Items! DAREDEVIL! BATMAN!

Let's once again zero in on the masterful artwork of Gene Colan! Gentleman Gene's career in comics started in the 40s, but he came to powerful prominence in the 60s, during Marvel Comics' sensational Silver Age! Gene drew DAREDEVIL, AVENGERS, IRON MAN, (and later) TOMB OF DRACULA, and so many more! Click below to enlarge some of these rare finds, all from the hand of Gene!

Above, left: Original Gene Colan art (with inking assist by Dick Giordano) for 
the cover to DETECTIVE COMICS #510, from 1982, and the printed version (right)!
After years at Marvel, Gene, upset with the then-current administration, went to
rival DC, who gleefully accepted such a master with open arms!

Above, left: Gene's original cover art to DAREDEVIL #370! In 1997, Gene returned
to his signature character, DAREDEVIL, for a sensational (and sadly) short-lived run!
Marvel was more interested in gimmicks and quick-to-fizzle "hot" artists then, so the
good times didn't last...

Above: Gene Colan returns to draw his best-known characters, in this limited edition print!

Above: A rare and undated (70s?) Colan-drawn bit of commercial
art, this time featuring superheroes shilling for "Ma Bell!"

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