Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Here Comes The Flash! Rare 1967 Color Guide Art! Hear "The Flash" 1966 Song!

I give in! Due to tons of demand (after posting the "Aquaman Song" a few days back), here is the rare 1966 "Flash Song," from the hard-to-find Tifton JUSTICE LEAGUE record album! I've also thrown in a rare 1967 color guide (thought to be by Jack Adler) to the cover of FLASH #175, spotlighting one of the great Superman/Flash races of the Silver Age of DC Comic! More you could want? Click below to enlarge!

Above, left: Color guide made as direction for engravers, and the printed
finished cover (right) to FLASH #175! If Jack Adler did the color guide, why
is it signed by Carmine Infantino? Charmin' Carmin' was the cover artist!

BONUS! As promised, click below to hear the zingy and rare "Flash song," as heard only on the 1966 JUSTICE LEAGUE LP!


Tom English said...

I'm not surprised. I think Infantino had been promoted to art director at the time. He was always filling in on a variety of jobs, throwing a plot to a writer, a layout for a cover to another artist, or fixing a cover that needed tweaking. He remains a hero of mine. Thanks for showing me this color guide.

Mike Tiefenbacher said...

Someone upstairs decided that Superman's visage wasn't Superman-esque enough, and had Al Plastino come in and redraw his face over Infantino and Esposito's original version. I'd love to see the original art to see if we could see the pasteover--or whether Plastino whited out their Superman and drew his face over it.