Thursday, January 16, 2014

Drew Struzan! Painted 1977 Comics Rarities! Spider-Man! Batman! Marvel vs. DC!

Sure, long-time fans have known about Drew Struzan's involvement with this well-loved 1977 Batman poster image (click here), but didja know the famed painter/illustrator took a stunning stab at painting Marvel's Spider-Man? True! Click below to puff up Drew's powerful pencil picture that was produced in preparation for painting the finished printed poster! The poster firm, unfortunately, went with a lesser talent for the job, resulting in an odd air-brushed image of the woeful Web-Slinger, but, oh, what coulda been...

Above, left: Struzan's pencil study (based on a live posed model) for the
Spider-Man poster than coulda been! Above, right: The published poster, sadly
bereft of any Struzan artwork! At age 13 in '78, I had this one, and the other 

three Marvel posters (had just left DC comics behind for a 5-year sabbatical) in 
the group, and was saddened to see their quality was not up to the DC images.

BONUS! Click below to stare into Drew's riotous rough design for the never-beaten Batman poster art, too! 

Above, left: Drew's pencil rough, as seen in the early stage of the creation of
the finished painting (right)! That poster hangs in my home today, as I consider it
the realistic rendering of the Caped Crusader, one that has never been equalled!

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superflash said...

I had the Batman and Hulk posters from Thought Factory on my walls back in the day (taped or tacked to the walls). MAYBE I saved them. Loved the Batman one. It's a shame they didn't let Drew do the finished Spidey one.