Tuesday, January 14, 2014

CAPTAIN AMERICA! 1971 Cover Art Rough! John Romita Sr.! Marvel Amazement!

Here is a propitious peek at a wonderful 1971 cover rough design, by jazzy John Romita, Sr.! Done in preparation for the completed cover to CAPTAIN AMERCA #139, this colossal color-filled marker comp captures Cap in a dramatic moment of decision! It's also something of a rarity for that time, as mirthful Marie Severin was tossing cover ideas at Marvel then, as their pencil-pushing powerhouse in the Bullpen! Click below to enlarge!

Above, left: JRSR's fabulous rough design for the cover
of CAP #139 (right)! The finished cover art is also by 
Thanks to collector Carlos De Sousa for this one!

FUN FACT! The insides of the above comic were later used to decorate Mead's 1976 CAP school folder! Just cast your grateful eyes below!

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jfire2 said...

I had that folder!